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Build Your Own Solar Panel

Build Your Own Solar Panel

We are all faced with increasing energy bills and all have increased concerns for the environment and our impact on carbon emissions.  However solar panels and wind turbines cost hundreds of pounds to purchase and have installed.  Creating our own energy cheap or better free should not be considered a dream it can be a reality when you build your own solar panel.

What you need For Your Own Solar Panel:

Solar Photo Cells

Plywood Sheets

Wooden Battens

Screws and Fixings


Electrical Cabling

Electrical Diodes and Plugs

Outline to Build Your Own Solar Panel:

A solar panel is essentially a shallow box housing photo cells protected by a clear Perspex cover.  Plans that allow you to assemble a solar panel are available on line.  When the structure is complete finishing your own solar panel is a case of mastering the safe wiring of the panel into your home electrical supply.

TIP! If you would like to enjoy your deck in the night time hours, there are different types of lighting you can take a look at. Recessed lights, post lights and solar lights, are all alternatives when shopping.

Points to be Aware of When You Build Your Own Solar Panel

Sourcing Solar Cells – New cells are expensive so damaged or blemished cells are cheaper and available online.

Wiring Cells Together – An important step that requires practice and a good guide to ensure your solar panel is efficient.

Mounting Panels – Panels have to be mounted securely and in an optimum position to catch the sun.

Weather Proofing – Whatever climate you live in your solar panel will need to be protected from the elements.

Connecting Solar Panel – A crucial step is ensuring your solar panel is correctly wired into your home supply.  If you are unsure get an electrician or otherwise your solar electricity is wasted.

Once you build your own solar panel it will become straightforward to build subsequent panels.  Then you can start to put together a solar power system to power your house.  You will then reap the benefits of a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly home

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