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Cheap Solar Panels

Cheap Solar Panels

We are all faced with the concerns of increasing energy bills and want to get power on the cheap.  Solar panels address our desire to protect the environment and our impact on carbon emissions as well as reduced bills.

Creating our own free electricity to power our home should not be considered a dream it can be a reality when we buy and install solar power systems for our homes.

Many of us look to the savings solar power systems can give us but the initial investment can be quite daunting.  The return on investment is there but can often take you ten to twenty years to recoup the initial cost.

Do Cheap Solar Panels Exist?

The photo voltaic (PV) solar cells form the major cost in a solar power system.  Their production is expensive and carefully managed to produce efficient panels.  If we can secure a source for these cheaply we are on our way to getting cheap solar panels.  There is a way you may benefit:

Damaged Panels – Many solar panels are used in field operations to power systems for the military and other organisations.  These panels can be damaged in use and as such are often sold off at reduced prices.  In some instances these are given away to avoid the expensive cost of disposal.

So are these “damaged goods”, well these cheap solar panels may be cracked or chipped making them unsafe for field use but perfect for domestic installations on a house roof.

Efficiency – If an organisation is disposing of these panels we may believe they are not functioning.  This is untrue as a damaged panel may operate less efficiently as an undamaged one but still be productive.  In a case where they lose 20% of their power rating our cheap solar panels are still capable of producing 80% of power to reduce our electricity bills.

With cheap solar panels in place you will have a power system that will return your investment very quickly.

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